St Mary's Church

Sunday's at St Mary's, Bexwell

Sunday Services

Our normal pattern of services is as follows. However, please check our calendar for the latest information.

  • 1st Sunday of the month, 6:30pm, Evening Prayer (CW)

  • 2nd Sunday of the month, 8:00pm, Compline - online

  • 3rd Sunday of the month, 9:30am, Holy Communion (BCP)

  • 4th Sunday of the month, 8:00pm, Prayer & Meditation – online

  • 5th Sunday of the month, 8.00pm, Music Rewind – online

Thursday's at St Mary's, Bexwell

Monthly Soup Social

Join us four our Soup Socials - usually on the last Thursday of the month during the winter months. We provide a free warming soup and delicious dessert. No charge! Bring a Friend! The evenings start from 6.30pm.

    • Thursday 26th January

    • Thursday 23rd February

    • Thursday 29th March

About St Mary's, Bexwell

Bexwell Church is a place of peace and Christian witness in the ancient rural setting of West Norfolk. We rejoice in our community, and seek to develop a new way to use our building and build our community. Meeting in a place where people have gathered together since the 10th Century is quite profound

Our church building is not a segregated ‘religious space’ - it is a place where God is honoured in so many different ways, and where people come together to celebrate life, friendship and our faith.

      • ​During a service it is a place of worship

      • ​During food events it is a place of fellowship

      • ​During other socials it is a place to foster friendships

​To find out more about St Mary's Bexwell please head over to our website at